4824. sumboulion
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sumboulion: counsel, by impl. a council
Original Word: συμβούλιον, ου, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: sumboulion
Phonetic Spelling: (soom-boo'-lee-on)
Short Definition: a council, advice
Definition: (a) a body of advisers (assessors) in a court, a council, (b) abstr: consultation, counsel, advice; resolution, decree.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from sumboulos
counsel, by impl. a council
NASB Translation
conferred* (2), conspired* (1), conspiring (1), consultation (1), consulted* (1), council (1), plotted together (1), together (2).

STRONGS NT 4824: συμβούλιον

συμβούλιον, συμβουλίου, τό (σύμβουλος);

1. counsel, which is given, taken, entered upon (PIut. Romul. 14): λαμβάνω (on this phrase see λαμβάνω, I. 6), Matthew 12:14; Matthew 22:15; Matthew 27:1, 7; Matthew 28:12; ποιῶ, to consult, deliberate, Mark 3:6 (Tr text WH text συμβούλιον ἐδίδουν); Mark 15:1 (T WH marginal reading συμβούλιον ἑτοιμασαντες; cf. Weiss ad loc.).

2. a council, i. e. an assembly of counsellors or persons in consultation (Plutarch, Luc. 26): Acts 25:12 (the governors and procurator's of provinces had a board of assessors or advisers with whom they took counsel before rendering judgment; see Cicero, ad fam. 8, 8; Verr. 2, 13; Sueton. vit. Tiber. 33; Lampridius, vit. Alex. Sever c. 46; cf. Josephus, b. j. 2, 16, 1).

consultation, counsel, council.

Neuter of a presumed derivative of sumboulos; advisement; specially, a deliberative body, i.e. The provincial assessors or lay-court -- consultation, counsel, council.

see GREEK sumboulos

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