5091. timaó
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timaó: to fix the value, to price
Original Word: τιμάω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: timaó
Phonetic Spelling: (tim-ah'-o)
Short Definition: I value at a price, honor
Definition: (a) I value at a price, estimate, (b) I honor, reverence.

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Cognate: 5091 timáō – properly, assign value (give honor), as it reflects the personal esteem (value, preciousness) attached to it by the beholder. See 5092 (timē).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from timé
to fix the value, to price
NASB Translation
had been set (1), honor (16), honored (1), honors (2), price (1).

STRONGS NT 5091: τιμάω

τιμάω, τιμῶ; future τιμήσω; 1 aorist ἐτίμησα; perfect passive participle τετιμημενος; 1 aorist middle ἐτιμησαμην; (τιμή); from Homer down;

1. to estimate, to fix the value; middle to fix the value of something belonging to oneself (Vulg.appretio; cf. Hagen, Sprachl. Erörterungen zur Vulgata, Freib. 1863, p. 99): τινα (R. V. to price), Matthew 27:9 (on which see ἀπό, I. 2); the Sept. for הֶעֱרִיך, Leviticus 27:8, 12, 14.

2. to honor (so uniformly A. V.), to have in honor, to revere, venerate; the Sept. for כִּבֵּד: God, Matthew 15:8; Mark 7:6; John 5:23; John 8:49; Christ, John 5:23; parents, Matthew 15:4; Matthew 19:19; Mark 7:10; Mark 10:19; Luke 18:20: Ephesians 6:2; other men, 1 Timothy 5:3; 1 Peter 2:17; With πολλαῖς τιμαῖς added, to honor with many honors, Acts 28:10; of God, rewarding Christians with honor and glory in his kingdom, John 12:26. (Compare: ἐπιτιμάω.)

honor, value.

From timios; to prize, i.e. Fix a valuation upon; by implication, to revere -- honour, value.

see GREEK timios

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