5598. O
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O: the last letter of the Gr. alphabet
Original Word:
Part of Speech: Indeclinable Letter (Noun)
Transliteration: O
Phonetic Spelling: (o'-meg-ah)
Short Definition: omega
Definition: omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

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5598 Ō (long ō, originally formed by pronouncing two short o's/omikrons together, cf. Zodhiates, Dictionary) – the final letter of the Greek alphabet; (figuratively) God's infinity (endlessness), in contrast to alpha – the first letter of the Greek alphabet which represents the Lord as the unoriginated originator of all life and all that is eternal.

In the NT, 5598 ("Ōmega") is always used of the glorified Christ (Rev 1:8, 21;6, 22:13), referring to His absolute limitlessness to meet all the needs of finite (limited) people.

[Ōmega is the twenty-fourth (final) letter of the Greek alphabet, which begins with 1 /A ("alpha").]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
i.e. ómega
the last letter of the Gr. alphabet
NASB Translation
Omega (3).


Ω, Omega: omega, the last (24th) letter of the Greek alphabet: ἐγώ εἰμί τό Ω (WH Ω, L , T ), equivalent to τό τέλος, i. e. the last (see Alfa, Α, , ἄλφα (and B. D. (especially American edition) under the word and article 'Alpha', also article Α and Ω by Piper in Herzog (cf. Schaff-Herzog), and by Tyrwhitt in Dict. of Chris. Antiq.)), Revelation 1:8, 11 Rec.; . (On the interchange of omega and omicron in manuscripts see Scrivener, Plain Introduction etc., p. 627; 'Six Lectures' etc., p. 176; WH. Introductory § 404; cf. especially Meisterhans, Gram. d. Attic Inschr., p. 10.)


The last letter of the Greek alphabet, i.e. (figuratively) the finality -- Omega.

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