69. agrupneó
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agrupneó: to be sleepless, wakeful
Original Word: ἀγρυπνέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: agrupneó
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-roop-neh'-o)
Short Definition: I am awake
Definition: I am not asleep, am awake; especially: I am watchful, careful.

HELPS word-Studies

69 agrypnéō (from 1 /A, "not" and 5258 /hýpnos, "sleep") – properly, no sleeping; (figuratively) staying vigilant (alert, attentive), i.e. without any unnecessary "time off."

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from agreuó and hupnos
to be sleepless, wakeful
NASB Translation
alert (1), keep on the alert (2), keep watch (1).

STRONGS NT 69: ἀγρυπνέω

ἀγρυπνέω, (ῶ; (ἄγρυπνος eqluiv. to ἄϋπνος); to be sleepless, keep awake, watch (equivalent to γρηγορέω (see below)); (from Theognis down); tropically, to be circumspect, attentive, ready: Mark 13:33; Luke 21:36; εἰς τί, to be intent upon a thing, Ephesians 6:18; ὑπέρ τίνος, to exercise constant vigilance over something (an image drawn from shepherds), Hebrews 13:17. (Synonyms: ἀγρύπνειν, γρηγορεῖν, νήφειν: "ἀγρύπνειν may be taken to express simply ... absence of sleep, and, pointedly, the absence of it when due to nature, and thence a wakeful frame of mind as opposed to listlessness; while γρηγορεῖν (the offspring of ἐγρήγορα) represents a waking state as the effect of some arousing effort ... i. e. a more stirring image than the former. The group of synonyms is completed by νήφειν, which signifies a state untouched by any slumberous or beclouding influences, and thence, one that is guarded against advances of drowsiness or bewilderment. Thus it becomes a term for wariness (cf. νᾶφε καί μέμνασ' ἀπίστειν) against spiritual dangers and beguilements, 1 Peter 5:8, etc." Green, Critical Notes on the N. T. (note on Mark 13:33f).)


Ultimately from a (as negative particle) and hupnos; to be sleepless, i.e. Keep awake -- watch.

see GREEK a

see GREEK hupnos

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