816. atenizó
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atenizó: to look fixedly, gaze
Original Word: ἀτενίζω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: atenizó
Phonetic Spelling: (at-en-id'-zo)
Short Definition: I direct my gaze, look steadily
Definition: I direct my gaze, look steadily.

HELPS word-Studies

816 atenízō (from teinō, "to stretch, strain," prefixed by "intensive alpha," 1 /A) – properly, completely fixed (fixated); to stare at because fully occupied with ("taken by"); to observe with great interest and a fastened (fixed) gaze; "to fix one’s eyes on some object continually and intensely – 'to look straight at, to stare at, to keep one's eyes fixed on' " (L & N, 1, 24.49).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from alpha (as a cop. prefix) and teinó (to stretch, extend)
to look fixedly, gaze
NASB Translation
fixed (1), fixed...gaze (4), fixing...gaze (2), gaze (1), gazed intently (1), gazing intently (1), look intently (2), looking intently (2).

STRONGS NT 816: ἀτενίζω

ἀτενίζω; 1 aorist ἠτενισα; (from ἀτενής stretched, intent, and this from τείνω and intensive; (yet cf. Winers Grammar, § 16, 4; Buttmann, a. at the end, and under the word Alfa Α, , 3)); to fix the eyes on, gaze upon: with the dative of person, Luke 4:20; Luke 22:58; Acts 3:12; Acts 10:4; Acts 14:9; Acts 23:1; followed by εἰς with an accusative of person, Acts 3:4; Acts 6:15; Acts 13:9; metaphorically, to fix one's mind on one as an example, Clement of Rome, 1 Cor. 9, 2 [ET]; εἰς τί, Acts 1:10; Acts 7:55; 2 Corinthians 3:7, 13; εἰς τί, to look into anything, Acts 11:6. (3Macc. 2:26. (Aristotle), Polybius 6, 11, 5 (i. e. 6, 11a, 12 Dindorf); Diodorus 3, 39 (Dindorf ἐνατενίζω); Josephus, b. j. 5, 12, 3; Lucian, cont. 16, others.)

stare, fasten eyes, look stedfastly.

From a compound of a (as a particle of union) and teino (to stretch); to gaze intently -- behold earnestly (stedfastly), fasten (eyes), look (earnestly, stedfastly, up stedfastly), set eyes.

see GREEK a

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