928. basanizó
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basanizó: to torture
Original Word: βασανίζω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: basanizó
Phonetic Spelling: (bas-an-id'-zo)
Short Definition: I torment, torture, buffet
Definition: I examine, as by torture; I torment; I buffet, as of waves.

HELPS word-Studies

928 basanízō (from 931 /básanos, "a tormenting trial") – properly, to examine (literally by using torture).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from basanos
to torture
NASB Translation
battered (1), felt...tormented (1), pain (1), straining (1), torment (4), tormented (4).

STRONGS NT 928: βασανίζω

βασανίζω: (imperfect ἐβασάνιζον); 1 aorist ἐβασανισα; passive (present βασανίζομαι); 1 aorist ἐβασανίσθην; 1 future βασανισθήσομαι; (βάσανος);

1. properly, to test (metals) by the touchstone.

2. to question by applying torture.

3. to torture (2 Macc. 7:13); hence,

4. universally, to vex with grievous pains (of body or mind), to torment: τινα, Matthew 8:29; Mark 5:7; Luke 8:28; 2 Peter 2:8; Revelation 11:10; passively, Matthew 8:6; Revelation 9:5; Revelation 20:10; of the pains of childbirth, Revelation 12:2 (cf. Anthol. 2, p. 205, Jacobs edition); with ἐν and the dative of the material in which one is tormented, Revelation 14:10.

5. Passive to be harassed, distressed; of those who at sea are struggling with a head wind, Mark 6:48; of a ship tossed by the waves, Matthew 14:24. (In Greek writings from Herodotus down. Often in O. T. Apocrypha.)

pain, toil, torment

From basanos; to torture -- pain, toil, torment, toss, vex.

see GREEK basanos

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