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He'bronites (5 Occurrences)

Numbers 3:27 Of Kohath was the family of the Amramites, and the family of the Izharites, and the family of the Hebronites, and the family of the Uzzielites: these are the families of the Kohathites. (See RSV)

Numbers 26:58 These are the families of Levi: the family of the Libnites, the family of the Hebronites, the family of the Mahlites, the family of the Mushites, the family of the Korahites. Kohath became the father of Amram. (See RSV)

1 Chronicles 26:23 Of the Amramites, of the Izharites, of the Hebronites, of the Uzzielites: (See RSV)

1 Chronicles 26:30 Of the Hebronites, Hashabiah and his brothers, men of valor, one thousand seven hundred, had the oversight of Israel beyond the Jordan westward, for all the business of Yahweh, and for the service of the king. (See RSV)

1 Chronicles 26:31 Of the Hebronites was Jerijah the chief, even of the Hebronites, according to their generations by fathers' houses. In the fortieth year of the reign of David they were sought for, and there were found among them mighty men of valor at Jazer of Gilead. (See RSV)

He'bronites (5 Occurrences)
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He'bronites (5 Occurrences). Numbers 3:27 Of Kohath was ...
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Hedge (12 Occurrences)

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Hebronites (5 Occurrences)

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