1249. bar
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bar: pure, clean
Original Word: בָּר
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: bar
Phonetic Spelling: (bar)
Short Definition: pure

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from barar
pure, clean
NASB Translation
clean (1), innocent (1), pure (4), who are pure (1).

II. בַּר corn, III. בַּר pure, בָּר, I. II. בֹּר see ברר.

II. בַּר adjective pure, clean, Job 11:4; Psalm 24:4; בָּר Proverbs 14:4; plural construct בָּרֵי Psalm 73:1; feminine בָּרָה Psalm 19:9; Songs 6:9,10; —

1 pure, clear: בר לבב pure in heart Psalm 24:4; ברי לבב Psalm 73:1; a pure damsel Songs 6:9,10, man Job 11:4, commands of God Psalm 19:9.

2 clean: אֵבוּס בָּר crib is clean Proverbs 14:4.

3 perhaps adverb נַשְּׁקובַֿר kiss purely, of sincere homage Psalm 2:12 but compare I. בַּר, p. 135.

choice, clean, clear, pure

From barar (in its various senses); beloved; also pure, empty -- choice, clean, clear, pure.

see HEBREW barar

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