1507. Gezer
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Gezer: "portion," a Levitical city on the border of Ephraim
Original Word: גָּ֫זֶר
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Gezer
Phonetic Spelling: (gheh'-zer)
Short Definition: Gezer

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from gazar
"portion," a Levitical city on the border of Ephraim
NASB Translation
Gezer (15).

II. גֶּ֫זֶר proper name, of a location (portion) Levitical city on border of Ephraim Joshua 10:33; Joshua 12:12; Joshua 21:21; 1 Kings 9:16; 1 Chronicles 6:52; 1 Chronicles 7:28; 1 Chronicles 20:4; גָּ֑זֶר Joshua 16:3,10; Judges 1:29 (twice in verse) compare 2 Samuel 5:25; 1 Kings 9:15,17; with ָ  ה locative גָּ֑זְרָה 1 Chronicles 14:16; — cuneiform Gazri, BezTell el-Amarna Tabl. BM. 148; modern Tell-Jezer, approximately 18 miles north of west from Jerusalem, south of the Jaffa road; Gann in PEF1873, 78 f.; 1875, 74 f. compare BdPal 17.

Gazer, Gezer

The same as gezer; Gezer, a place in Palestine -- Gazer, Gezer.

see HEBREW gezer

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