1518. giach
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giach: to burst forth
Original Word: גִּ֫יחַ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: giach
Phonetic Spelling: (ghee'-akh)
Short Definition: broke

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to burst forth
NASB Translation
broke (1), brought me forth (1), burst forth (1), bursting forth (1), give birth (1), labor to give birth (1), rushes (1).

[גִּיחַ, גּוּחַ] verb burst forth (compare NöZMG 1883, 538; Late Hebrew id., Aramaic id., and ; Ethiopic break forth, of light, etc.) —

Qal Imperfect יָגִיחַ Job 40:23, masculine singular וַתָּ֫גַח Ezekiel 32:2; Imperative feminine singular גֹּ֫חִי Micah 4:10; Infinitive suffix (בְּ)גִיחו Job 38:8; Participle suffix גֹּחִ֫י Psalm 22:10 (but compare below); —

1 intransitive burst forth, of dashing river (a very Jordan) Job 40:23; of sea figurative as babe from womb Job 38:8, compare

2 transitive

a. draw forth from womb (subject ׳י) Psalm 22:10 (where read גָּחִ֫י participle from גּוּחַ, or regard גֹּחִי as metaplastic, as if from ג֗֗֗חח? see De & Checritical note) compare Psalm 71:6; also

b. thrust forth, bring forth, rather 'break forth (with that which is to be born),' figurative of travail, applied to Jerusalem in distress Micah 4:10 (compare Sta§ 599 bi. 505); burst forth with rivers (figurative of Pharaoh under image of תַּנִּים) Ezekiel 32:2, but for בנהרותיך (rivers) read probably בִּנְחִרוֺתֶיךָ Job 41:12 (nostrils), i.e. snort with thy nostrils, so Ew Co; on figurative then compare Job 41:11-13.

break forth, labor to bring forth, come forth, draw up, take out

Or (shortened) goach {go'-akh}; a primitive root; to gush forth (as water), generally to issue -- break forth, labor to bring forth, come forth, draw up, take out.

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