1824. domi
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domi: cessation, a pause, a quiet, a rest
Original Word: דְּמִי
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: domi
Phonetic Spelling: (dem-ee')
Short Definition: rest

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from damah
cessation, a pause, a quiet, a rest
NASB Translation
middle (1), quiet (1), rest (2).

דֳּמִי noun [masculine] cessation, pause, quiet, rest; ׳ד Isaiah 62:6 2t.; construct דְּמִי Isaiah 38:10 (but see below); —

1 quiet, in phrase לָכֶם ׳אַלדֿ Isaiah 62:6 keep not quiet (let there be no quiet to you); in prayer to God לָךְ ׳אַלדֿ Psalm 83:2 keep not quiet (inactive; "" חרשׂ, שׁקט); compare לוֺ ׳וְאַלתִּֿתְּנוּ ד Isaiah 62:7 and give no rest to him (׳י).

2 in phrase בִּדְמִי יָמַי, apparently quiet, peacefulness, even tenour, of my days (so De Or SS); others, as Hi Ew Che Di, pause, resting-time, i.e. noon-day (compare ᵑ6 ᵑ9, & height ᵐ5), figurative of middle life, but usage dubious; KloSK 1884, 157 cessation, pause, of natural end of life, Hezekiah's natural expectation, in, contrast with the speedy death implied in vb; but parallelism of Isaiah 62:11a is ag. this; Brd emends בְּרֻם after ᵐ5; Klol.c. suggests בְּתֹם or כְּתֹם as possible, though not necessary; — but view stated first is on the whole best.

cutting off, rest, silence

Or domiy {dom-ee'}; from damah; quiet -- cutting off, rest, silence.

see HEBREW damah

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