1874. Darqon
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Darqon: one of the Nethinim
Original Word: דַּרְקוֹן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Darqon
Phonetic Spelling: (dar-kone')
Short Definition: Darkon

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused word
one of the Nethinim
NASB Translation
Darkon (2).

דַּרְקוֺן proper name, masculine head of a family of Nethinim, who went up with Zerubbabel, ׳בְּנֵידֿ Ezra 2:56 = Nehemiah 7:58.

דרר (√ of following words: Arabic ; —

1 stream, flow abundantly (of milk, tears, rain, etc.), compare I. דְּרוֺר.

2 be abundant, luxuriant (of her-bage), compare a kind of tree, now elm (Lane), & דַּרְדַּר.

3 run vehemently, easily (of horse), compare swift horse, or other beast, & II. דְּרוֺר.

4 give light, shine (of lamp), compare shining star, glistening or shining of sword, pearls (collective) & דַּר; hence probably דָּרוֺם).


Of uncertain derivation; Darkon, one of "Solomon's servants" -- Darkon.

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