1954. Hoshea
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Hoshea: "salvation," the name of several Israelites
Original Word: הוֹשֵׁ֫עַ
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Hoshea
Phonetic Spelling: (ho-shay'-ah)
Short Definition: Hoshea

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from yasha
"salvation," the name of several Isr.
NASB Translation
Hosea (3), Hoshea (12), Joshua (1).

הוֺשֵׁעַ proper name, masculine (salvation; on form, compare הַשְׁמֵד הַמְשֵׁל on pronunciation see HptZA ii, 261 Anm. 2 JagerBAS i, 468) —

1 original name of Joshua according to Numbers 13:8,16 (P), ᵐ5 Αυση, compare Deuteronomy 32:44 (J; probably error, see Dr), ᵐ5 Ιησους, see יְהוֺשׁוּעַ above

2 last king of Israel 2 Kings 15:30; 2 Kings 17:1,3,4,6; 2 Kings 18:1,9,10, ᵐ5 Ωσηε.

3 the prophet Hosea Hosea 1:1,2(twice in verse), ᵐ5 Ωσηε.

4 an Ephraimite chief under David 1 Chronicles 27:20, ᵐ5 Ωση(ε).

5 a chief under Nehemiah Nehemiah 10:24, ᵐ5 Ωσηθα, Ωσηε.

Hosea, Hoshea, Oshea

From yasha'; deliverer; Hoshea, the name of five Israelites -- Hosea, Hoshea, Oshea.

see HEBREW yasha'

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