2041. heres
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heres: an overthrow, destruction
Original Word: הֶ֫רֶס
Part of Speech: noun masculine
Transliteration: heres
Phonetic Spelling: (heh'-res)
Short Definition: destruction

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from haras
an overthrow, destruction
NASB Translation
destruction (1).

הֶ֫רֶס noun [masculine] overthrow, destruction, only Isaiah 19:18 one shall be called עִיר הַהֶרֶס city of destruction, i.e. (as usually explained) with punning allusion to On-Heliopolis: it shall be called no longer עַיר הַחֶרֶס city of the sun, but עיר ההרס city of destruction, city whose temples, etc., of the sun have been destroyed; but perhaps < ᵐ5 πόλις ασεδεκ = עִיר הֵצֶּדֶק city of righteousness, so GeiUrschrift 79 Brd Di (change intentional ? compare id.); on other views see id. & De Che.


From harac; demolition -- destruction.

see HEBREW harac

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