2146. zikkaron
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zikkaron: memorial, remembrance
Original Word: זִכָּרוֹן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: zikkaron
Phonetic Spelling: (zik-rone')
Short Definition: memorial

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from zakar
memorial, remembrance
NASB Translation
memorable sayings (1), memorial (12), records (1), remembrance (4), reminder (5), sign (1).

זִכָּרוֺן, זִכָּרֹן noun masculineEcclesiastes 1:11 memorial, remembrance (compare LgBN 199, 200) — absolute זִכָּרוֺן Joshua 4:7 +; זִכָּרֹן Exodus 28:12 (twice in verse); Exodus 28:29; construct זִכְרוֺן Ecclesiastes 1:11 2t.; suffix זִכְרוֺנֵךְ Isaiah 57:8; plural הַזִּכְרֹנוֺת Esther 6:1; suffix זִכְרֹנֵיכֶם Job 13:12; —

1 memorial, reminder:

a. memorial-day Exodus 12:14 (P).

b. memorial-usage Exodus 13:9 (JE).

c. memorial-objects, altar-plates Numbers 17:5 (P); stones in Jordan Joshua 4:7 (JE); crowns in temple Zechariah 6:14; ׳ז in Isaiah 57:8 is symbol of strange god (Di), or perhaps phallus-image, as sign of harlot (Che), compare > Du (who proposes זְכָרוֺן, from זָכָר).

d. memorial-record; in a book Exodus 17:14 (E); compare סֵפֶר זִכָּרוֺן Malachi 3:16, הַזִּכְרֹנות דברי הימים ׳ס Esther 6:1; memorial, as proof of citizenship Nehemiah 2:20 ("" חֵלֶק, צְדָקָה); reminder of Israel, ׳לִפְנֵי י, of כֶּסֶף הַכִּמֻּרִים Exodus 30:16; spoils of war Numbers 31:54; inscribed stones of ephod Exodus 28:12,29, called ׳אַבְנֵי ז Exodus 28:12 = Exodus 39:7; blowing of trumpets Numbers 10:10 (foregoing all P), compare זִכְרוֺן תְּרוּעַה Leviticus 23:24 (H; where, however, no ׳לפני י, see Di); מִנְחַת (ה)זכרון Numbers 5:15,18 (P); memorial-sentence, apophthegm Job 13:12. **זִכְרֹנֵיכֶם מִשְׁלֵיֿ אֵפֶר Job 13:12 your memorial words are ashen sayings (i.e. worthless), compare Bu Du; Margolis (privately) suggests that ᵐ5 seems to have read יִמָּשֵׁל לְאֵפֶר [? < רָנְּכֶם] רָנְיְכֶם your exultation shall be like ashes.

2 remembrance Ecclesiastes 1:11 (construct before preposition Ges§ 130, 1), Ecclesiastes 1:11; Ecclesiastes 2:16.

memorial, record

From zakar; a memento (or memorable thing, day or writing) -- memorial, record.

see HEBREW zakar

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