2203. zepheth
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zepheth: pitch
Original Word: זָ֫פֶת
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: zepheth
Phonetic Spelling: (zeh'-feth)
Short Definition: pitch

זֶ֫פֶת noun feminineIsaiah 34:9 pitch (compare on formative Ol§ 164 c) Sta§ 187 a. Word is Armenian according to LagArm. Stud. 1351, BN 219; on Egyptian derivatives compare CookSpeaker's Comm. i. 484; Arabic according to Frä151, if Shemitic, is Aramaic loan-word; see also Ethiopic Di1068) — pitch:וַתַּחְמְרָה בַחֵמָר וּבַזָּ֑פֶת Exodus 2:3 of ark of bulrushes; Isaiah 34:9 a וְנֶחֶפְכוּ נְחָלֶיהָ לְזֶפֶת וַעֲפָרָהּ לְגָפְרִ֑ית, Isaiah 34:9 b והיתה אַרְצָהּ לְזֶפֶת בֹּעֵרָֽה׃.


From an unused root (meaning to liquify); asphalt (from its tendency to soften in the sun) -- pitch.

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