2239. zereth
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zereth: a span
Original Word: זָ֫רֶת
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: zereth
Phonetic Spelling: (zeh'-reth)
Short Definition: span

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
a span
NASB Translation
span (7).

זֶ֫רֶת noun feminine span (Late Hebrew id. (ᵑ7 זַרְתָּא, Syriac ; apparently from Hebrew), etymology dubious; Thes and most derive from √ זרה, see Ol§ 146 b but also Sta§ 187 a; BaZMG 1887, 607 proposes √ זרה measure off, determine, compare p. 280) — span, as standard of measurement, תִּכֵּן ׳שָׁמַיִם בַּז Isaiah 40:12; elsewhere of actual size, a span, distance between ends of thumb and little finger of spread hand; = 1/2 cubit (see אַמָּה & references; compare Exodus 25:10 with JosephAnt. iii. 6, 5), ׳ז Exodus 28:16 (twice in verse); Exodus 39:9 (twice in verse) (all P) Ezekiel 43:13; זָ֑רֶת 1 Samuel 17:4 six cubits and a span. See HultschMetrol. 1882, 443 BenzArchäol. 179.


From zarah; the spread of the fingers, i.e. A span -- span.

see HEBREW zarah

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