2266. chabar
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chabar: to unite, be joined, to tie a magic knot or spell, to charm
Original Word: חָבַר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: chabar
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-bar')
Short Definition: joined

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to unite, be joined, to tie a magic knot or spell, to charm
NASB Translation
alliance is made (1), allied (4), attached (1), attaching (1), came as allies (1), caster (1), casts (1), compact (1), compose (1), form an alliance (1), join (2), join the together (2), joined (10), touched (1), touching (1).

[חָבַר] verb unite (usually intransitive), be joined, tie a magic knot or spell, charm (Late Hebrew id.; Ethiopic yet Assyrian [abâru], ubburu bind, ban (of spells), êbru, friend, and many derivatives, DlW 51 ff.; Aramaic חַבֵּר and many derivatives; compare Phoenician noun חבר associate) —

Qal Perfect3masculine plural חָֽבְרוּ Genesis 14:3 Participle active masculine חֹבֵר Deuteronomy 18:11,חוֺבֵר Psalm 58:6; feminine pluralחֹבְרֹת Exodus 26:3 (twice in verse) + 2t. + Ezekiel 1:9 (compare below), חוֺבְרוֺת Ezekiel 1:11; Passive participle construct חֲבוּר Hosea 4:17 (yet. see below); —

1 unite, be joined:

a. of allies, followed by אֶלֹֿ location Genesis 14:3, construction pregnant = came as allies unto; passive participle figurative חֲבוּר עֲצַבִּים אֶפְרָ֖יִם Hosea 4:17 Ephraim is joined to idols (but We reads חבר, see חבֵר 2d, and compare חֲבֵרָיו Isaiah 44:11, חֲבֶרְתְּךָ Malachi 2:14).

b. of one thing reaching to, touching another; wings of Ezekiel's living creatures followed by אֶלֿ of thing, Ezekiel 1:9 (strike out ᵐ5 B Co, but see Sm); compare אישׁ ׳ח, Ezekiel 1:11, i.e. joining each one (transitive), < ᵐ5 ᵑ6 Co אשׁה ׳ח אלאֿחותה (as Ezekiel 1:9), united each to the other; so of curtains of tabernacle, followed by אֶלֿ of thing Exodus 26:3 (twice in verse); absolute joined together, of shoulderpieces of ephod Exodus 28:7 (all P; compare also Pu`al).

2 tie magic knots, charm (RSJPh xiv. 1885,123 thinks meaning charm is derived from nectere verba, and compare Arabic , narrative); only with accusative of congnate meaning with verb חָ֑בֶר ׳ה Deuteronomy 18:11 (in a long series of kindred phrases), specifically of charming serpents Psalm 58:6 ("" מְלַחֲשִׁים).

Pi`el Perfect3masculine singular חִבַּר Exodus 36:10; 2masculine singular וְחִבַּרְתָּ֫ Exodus 26:6 2t.; Imperfect וַיְחַבֵּר Exodus 36:10 2t.; suffix וַיְחַבְּרֵהוּ2Chronicles 20:36; Infinitive construct לְחַבֵּר Exodus 36:18; —

1 make an ally of unite one with, only ויחברהו עִמּוֺ2Chronicles 20:36 and he united him with himself, followed by Infinitive purpose.

2 unite, join (transitive), only Exodus (P), of tabernacle, object the curtains, followed by accusative + אֶלֿ of thing Exodus 26:6; Exodus 36:10 (twice in verse); Exodus 36:13;. followed by accusative only Exodus 26:9; Exodus 36:16; object אתהֿאהל join the tent together, Exodus 26:11; Exodus 36:18.

Pu`al Perfect3masculine singular חֻבָּ֑ר Exodus 39:4, וְחֻבָּ֑ר consec Exodus 28:7 (but see below) 3 feminine singular שֶׁחֻבְּרָהֿ Psalm 122:3; Imperfect3masculine singular יְחֻבַּר Ecclesiastes 9:4 Qr (Kt יבחרsee below); suffix הַיְחָבְרְךָ Psalm 94:20 (Köi. 257 f.; Ges Ew Bö De and others as

Qal; —

1.a. be allied with thee (suffix reference to ׳י) Psalm 94:20;

b. be united to = be one of, אל כלֿ ׳מי אשׁר יְח הַחַיִּם whoever is united to all the living (Kt יבחר is meaningless).

2 be joined together, of ephod ׳עַלשְֿׁנֵי קְצוֺותָ֯ו ח Exodus 39:4 by its two edges was it joined together; compare "" Exodus 28:7 (where ᵑ0 אֶלשְֿׁנֵי קְצוֺתיו וְחֻבָּ֑ר < ᵐ5 which read ׳ק ׳עַלשֿׁ יְחֻבָּ֑ר); לָֿהּ׳עִיר שֶׁח Psalm 122:3 joined together for itself i.e. compactly built (of Jerusalem).

Hiph`il Imperfect1singular אַחְבִּ֫ירָה עליכם בְּמִלִּים Job 16:4 I could make a joining with words (i.e. join words together RV VB) against you.

Hithpa`el (late) Perfect אֶתְחַבֵּר (Ges§ 541n.) 2 Chronicles 20:35; Imperfect יִתְחַבָּ֑רוּ Daniel 11:6; Infinitive suffix הִתְחַבֶּרְךָ2Chronicles 20:37; Aramaic form הִתְחַבְּרוּת Daniel 11:23 (Ges§ 54, 3 R. 1) — join oneself to, make an alliance with, followed byעִם person 2 Chronicles 20:35,37, followed by אֶלֿ person Daniel 11:23; reciprocal league together (absolute) Daniel 11:6.

[חֲבַר] noun masculine fellow, comrade (ᵑ7 Syriac; see Biblical Hebrew); — plural suffix חַבְרוֺ֫הִי Daniel 2:13. D17 D18.

compact, couple together, have fellowship with, heap up, join self, together, league

A primitive root; to join (literally or figuratively); specifically (by means of spells) to fascinate -- charm(- er), be compact, couple (together), have fellowship with, heap up, join (self, together), league.

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