230. azda
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azda: sure, assured
Original Word: אֲזָד
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: azda
Phonetic Spelling: (az-zawd')
Short Definition: firm

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) of uncertain derivation
sure, assured
NASB Translation
firm (2).

אַזְדָּא (so Gi, with most MSS.; Baer אָֽזְדָא adjective sure, assured (Persian azda, Sanskrit addhâ, 'certain' (KernZDMG 1869, 220); so first NöKAT 2 617; confirmed now by Egyptian Aramaic (RÉS361, B 3) הן אזד יחעבד מן if it is made certain (certified) by, etc.; > ᵐ5 Ki AV and others (see Thea) as verb is gone, or (אָֽזְדָא) is going, from Talmud אֲזַד (= אֲזַל) go away (LevyNHWB i. 50); so ScheftMGWJ 1903, 310 from Zend * azda 'gone,' participle passive of azaiti 'go'); — Daniel 2:5 מִלְּתָה מִנִּי אַוְדָּא, Daniel 2:8 דִּיאַֿזְדָּא מִנִּי מִלְּתָא the word is assured on my part (the thing is fully resolved upon by me: compareSyrver ; IE קַיָּימָא וֶאְמֶת); + Daniel 3:14(see צְדָא).

be gone

(Aramaic) of uncertain derivation; firm -- be gone.

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