232. ezor
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ezor: a waist cloth
Original Word: אֵזוֹר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: ezor
Phonetic Spelling: (ay-zore')
Short Definition: waistband

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from azar
a waist cloth
NASB Translation
belt (3), belts (1), girdle (2), waistband (8).

אֵזוֺר noun masculineIsaiah 5:27 waistcloth (Late Hebrew id., Arabic , compare RSJQ Jan. 1892, 289 ff.) — ׳א absolute Job 12:18 8t; construct 2 Kings 1:8 4t.; — of skin 2 Kings 1:8 (prophet.); of linen Jeremiah 13:1 (see Che) compare Jeremiah 13:2; Jeremiah 13:4; Jeremiah 13:6; Jeremiah 13:7; Jeremiah 13:7; Jeremiah 13:10; Jeremiah 13:11 (symbolic of Israel & Judah cleaving to ׳י); of Assyrian warriors' waistcloth,'girdle of loins' Isaiah 5:27; in wall-images of Chaldeans, בְּמָתְנַיִם ׳חֲגוֺרֵי א Ezekiel 23:15 (compare 2 Kings 1:18 see below אָזַר) so figurative of Yahweh's power over kings וַיֶּאְסֹר אֵזוֺר בְּמָתְנֵיהֶם Job 12:18 (׳א = fetter, compare Di; but according to RSl.c. reference to slaves' garment); metaphor of righteousness & faithfulness Isaiah 11:5 (twice in verse) (מָתְנָיו ׳א, חֲלָּצָיו׳א).

אֶזְרוֺעַ see זרע.

אֶזְרָח see זרח.

אֹחַ see I. אחח .


From 'aziqqiym; something girt; a belt, also a band -- girdle.

see HEBREW 'aziqqiym

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