2362. Chavran
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Chavran: a district Southeast of Mount Hermon
Original Word: חַוְרָן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Chavran
Phonetic Spelling: (khav-rawn')
Short Definition: Hauran

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
a district S.E. of Mount Hermon
NASB Translation
Hauran (2).

חַוְרָן proper name, of a territory (meaning unknown; conjectures are: — black-land (as basaltic region); supported by black, dialect of Yemen, MaltzanZMG 1874, 230, and tokens of immigration from Yemen into Haurân, Wetzst in DeJob 2:598; ZKW 1884, 120; land of caves, Thes Hi-Sm, PorterDict. Bib., and hollow, GASmGeogr. 552, who compare Hebrew הור hole; but this probably from III. חרר, and Arabic , hollow, different from ) — district southeast from Mt. Hermon, extending between Jaulan and Lejah, toward Syrian desert; only גְּבוּל חַוְרָ֑ן Ezekiel 47:16 compare מִבֵּין חַוְשָרן וּמִבֵּין דַּמֶּשֶׂק Ezekiel 47:18; Ezekiel 47:18; = Assyrian –aurani DlPa 294; ᵐ5 Αυρανιτις, and so JosAnt. xiv. 10, 1 etc., Arabic . On this district see WetzstHauran, (1860) and in DeJob 2. 597ff. BdPal 195 ff. SchumacherAcross the Jordan, 1889; ZPV xii. 1889, 225 ff. (with map) GASmGeogr. 552 f. 609 ff.


Apparently from chavar (in the sense of chuwr); cavernous; Chavran, a region East of the Jordan -- Hauran.

see HEBREW chavar

see HEBREW chuwr

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