2366. Chuwshiym
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Chuwshiym: Hushim
Original Word: חוּשִׁים
Part of Speech: proper name, feminine; proper name, masculine
Transliteration: Chuwshiym
Phonetic Spelling: (khoo-sheem')
Short Definition: Hushim

I. חוּשִׁים, חֻשִׁים proper name, feminine wife of Shaharaim of Benjamin, חוּשִׁים 1 Chronicles 8:8, חֻשִׁים 1 Chronicles 8:11.

II. חֻשִׁים proper name, masculine of Dan, ׳וּבְנֵי דּן ח Genesis 46:23 compareחֻשִֿׁם בְּנֵי אַחֵר 1 Chronicles 7:12 (see Be VB); = שׁוּחָם (q. v.) Numbers 26:42 compare שׁוּחָתִי Numbers 26:42; Numbers 26:43.


Or Chushiym {khoo-shem'}; or Chushim {khoo- sheem'}; plural from chuwsh; hasters; Chushim, the name of three Israelites -- Hushim.

see HEBREW chuwsh

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