2394. chozqah
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chozqah: strength, force, violence
Original Word: חָזְקָה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: chozqah
Phonetic Spelling: (khoz-kaw')
Short Definition: force

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
fem. of chozeq
strength, force, violence
NASB Translation
earnestly (1), force (2), severely (1), vigorously (1).

חָזְקָה noun feminine strength, force, violence, always בְּחָזְקָה with strength, force, etc.; —

1 of oppression Judges 4:3 forcibly, violently; capture by force 1 Samuel 2:16; Ezekiel 34:4 of ruling וּבְמָּ֑רֶךְ ׳בְּח with force and with rigour.

2 rebuke severely, sharply Judges 8:1; cry mightily, insistently Jonah 3:8. — לֲחָזְקָה 2 Kings 12:13 see חָזַק

Qal Infinitive

force, mightily, repair, sharply

Feminine of chozeq; vehemence (usually in a bad sense) -- force, mightily, repair, sharply.

see HEBREW chozeq

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