2412. Chatipha
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Chatipha: one of the Nethinim
Original Word: חֲטִיפָא
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Chatipha
Phonetic Spelling: (khat-ee-faw')
Short Definition: Hatipha

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from chataph
one of the Nethinim
NASB Translation
Hatipha (2).

חֲטִיפָא proper name, masculine head of a family of Nethinim, post-exile, Ezra 2:54 ᵐ5 Ατουφα, A Ατιφα = Nehemiah 7:56 ᵐ5 Ατειφα; ᵐ5L both Ατουφα.

חטר (√ of following; compare Arabic lash with the tail, move spear up and down, shake, quiver (said of spear), etc.; Aramaic , חוּטְרָא, Assyrian —utartu, all = staff, SchrCOT Gloss and on 2 Kings 9:2; חטר sceptre, Inscription Zinjirli DHMSendsch. 57; on formative see LagBN 144).


From chataph; robber; Chatipha, one of the Nethinim -- Hatipha.

see HEBREW chataph

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