2435. chitson
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chitson: outer, external
Original Word: חִיצוֹן
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: chitson
Phonetic Spelling: (khee-tsone')
Short Definition: outer

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as chuts
outer, external
NASB Translation
outer (22), outside (3).

חִיצוֺן adjective outer, external (opposed to מְּנִימִי) feminine חִיצוֺנָה (for חוֺצוֺן, by dissimilation, BaNB xxix PhilBAS ii. 2. 362 Ges§ 27. 3 R 6) —

1 2 Kings 16:18 מְבוֺא הִמֶלֶךְ הַחִיצוֺנָה the outer entry of the king (namely to the Temple), Ezekiel 44:1 the outer gate of the sanctuary, החצר החיצונךְ the outer court (of the Temple) Ezekiel 10:5; Ezekiel 40:17,20,31,34,37; Ezekiel 42:1,3,7,8,9,14; Ezekiel 44:19,1; Ezekiel 46:9,20,21, compare Esther 6:4 (of Ahasuerus'palace), 2 Chronicles 33:14 ׳חוֺמָה ח an outer wall (built by Manasseh for the עִיר דָּוִיד); הַחִיצוֺן absolute, in לַחִיצוֺן 1 Kings 6:29,30, בַּחִיצוֺן Ezekiel 41:17 (הַבַּיִת being understood) of the outer (part of the Temple), i.e. the Holy Place (compare מְּנִימִי, מְּנִימָה, of the Holy of holies).

2 figurative outward, external הַמְּלָאכָה הַחִיצוֺנָה Nehemiah 11:16; 1 Chronicles 26:29, of business not distinctively sacred, in which Levites were engaged (compare The Late Hebrew use of ׳ח to denote extra-canonical, as Sanh. 1 Chronicles 10:1 [Jost, 1 Chronicles 11:1 Surenh.] ספרים החיצונים).

II. חוץ (√ of following; compare Arabic sew together, Aramaic bind, compress, σφίγγειν, bandage: IV. encompass, wall, which is often compared, does not correspond phonetically).

outer, outward, utter, without

From chayits; properly, the (outer) wall side; hence, exterior; figuratively, secular (as opposed to sacred) -- outer, outward, utter, without.

see HEBREW chayits

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