2495. challamuth
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challamuth: (a plant), probably a purslane
Original Word: חַלָּמוּת
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: challamuth
Phonetic Spelling: (khal-law-mooth')
Short Definition: egg

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from chalam
(a plant), probably a purslane
NASB Translation
white of an egg (1).

חַלָּמוּת noun feminine name of a plant, with thick, slimy juice, purslain, Job 6:6 RVm, so Thes Rob Ges and others; ᵑ6 , anchusa PSi, 1284; on this, and later interpretations see Bö Di Löwpp. 165, 361; only אִםיֶֿשׁטַֿעַם בְּרִיר חַלָּמוּת Job 6:6 is there any taste in the juice of ׳ח (figurative of insipid and dull discourse); > AV RV Ew Hi SS after ᵑ7 Saad Rabb in the white of an egg **the reference is to Job's sufferings (from which as little joy comes as from eating unsavoury food, so now Comm. Generally), rather than to the unpalatable words of his friends. It is doubtful whether Dillmann's reason for preferring purslain to ᵑ9 חֶלְמוֺנָא yolk of egg (׳רִיר ח slime of yolk, i.e. the white of the egg) is convincing, namely, that ancient Hebrews did not keep hens, or that of Delitzsch, namely that white of egg is not slime, and is not unpalatable; meaning yolk preferred also by Da Bu Du.

חלמשׁ (quadriliteral √ of following; meaning unknown).


From chalam (in the sense of insipidity); probably purslain -- egg.

see HEBREW chalam

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