2509. chalaq
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chalaq: smooth
Original Word: חָלָק
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: chalaq
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-lawk')
Short Definition: flattering

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from chalaq
NASB Translation
flattering (2), smooth (2), smoother (1).

חָלָק adjective smooth

1 literal אִישׁ חָלָק Genesis 27:11 (J), smooth man (opposed to אישׁ שָׂעִר); הָהָר הֶחָלָק Joshua 11:17; Joshua 12:7 the bald mountain (both D); southern limit of Josephus' conquest, identification dubious; (1) white cliffs 8 miles south of Dead Sea, and (2) Mt. Mâdara southwest from Pass es-‚afâ are proposed, see Di.; as substantive חַלְּקֵינַֿחַל Isaiah 57:6 (see I. חֵלֶק,

4) smooth (stones) of a brook-bed (ravine, wady), i.e. thou worshippest common round stones (contempt., see Che Di).

2 figurative of mouth uttering smooth words וְחָלָק מִשֶּׁמֶן חִכָּהּ Proverbs 5:3; compare Proverbs 26:28.

3 as substantive = flattery מִקְסָם חָלָק Ezekiel 12:24 divination of flattery.

flattering, smooth

From chalaq; smooth (especially of tongue) -- flattering, smooth.

see HEBREW chalaq

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