3001. yabesh
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yabesh: to be dry, dried up, or withered
Original Word: יָבֵשׁ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: yabesh
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-bashe')
Short Definition: dried

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to be dry, dried up, or withered
NASB Translation
become dry (1), completely wither (1), dried (18), dries (5), dry (11), make her dry (1), make your dry (1), makes it dry (1), totally withered (1), wither (7), withered (5), withers (6).

I. יָבֵשׁ verb be dry, dried up, withered (Late Hebrew id. (rare), ᵑ7 יְבֵישׁ, chiefly Pa`al, Ithpe`el, Syriac ; Sabean, Palmyrene derivatives; Arabic ; Ethiopic ) —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular יָבֵשׁ Joshua 9:5 8t.; וְיָבֵשׁ consecutive Isaiah 19:5+ 4 t.; 3 feminine singular יָ˜בְשָׁה Genesis 8:14; 3plural יָ˜בְשׁוּ Jeremiah 23:10 2t.; יָבֵ֑שׁוּ Jeremiah 50:38 2t.; Imperfect3masculine singular יִבַשׁ Isaiah 19:7; יִיבָ֑שׁ Jeremiah 12:4; Job 8:12; וַיִּיבַשׁ 1 Kings 17:7; וַיִּיבָ֑שׁ Jonah 4:7; 3feminine singular תִּיבַשׁ Ezekiel 17:10; תִּיבָ֑שׁ Ezekiel 17:10 3t., etc.; Infinitive construct (בִּ)יבשׁ Isaiah 27:11; יְבשֶׁת Genesis 8:7; absolute יָבוֺשׁ Zechariah 11:17; יָבשׁ Eccl 17:10; —

1 be dry, dried up without moisture:

a. of bread Joshua 9:5,12 (JE).

b. of ground lacking rain Amos 4:7, compare Amos 1:2 (of Carmel at utterance of ׳יs voice), Jeremiah 23:10.

c. of earth after the flood Genesis 8:14 (P), compare חָרֵב

d. of grass, herbage, trees and crops (already implied in

b. = wither Isaiah 15:6; Isaiah 19:7; Isaiah 27:11; Jeremiah 12:4; Job 8:12; Joel 1:12; Jonah 4:7; in simile of shortness of life Psalm 90:6; Psalm 102:12; Psalm 129:6, see also Isaiah 40:7,8 (in these two "" נָבֵל); of heart under figure of grass Psalm 102:5; of Judah under figure of vine Ezekiel 17:9 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 17:10 (3 t. in verse), compare Ezekiel 19:12; of princes under figure of tree Isaiah 40:24; of roots of Ephraim under figure of tree Hosea 9:16, so of roots of wicked Job 18:16.

e. of hand, arm, dry up, wither, as judgment from ׳י, 1 Kings 13:4; Zechariah 11:17 (twice in verse); in distress יָבֵשׁ כַּחֶרֶשׁ כֹּחִי Psalm 22:16 my strength is dried up like the potsherd; of skin Lamentations 4:8, and (figurative) of bones Ezekiel 37:11.

2 be dried up: of water Genesis 8:7 (J), Isaiah 19:5; 1 Kings 17:7; Jeremiah 50:38; Joel 1:20; Job 12:15; Job 14:11.

Pi`el make dry, dry up, only Imperfect3masculine singular suffix וַיַּבְּשֵׁהוּ Nahum 1:4 and hath made it dry (׳י, the sea); 3 feminine singular תְּיַבֵּשׁ Job 15:30 the flame shall dry up his branches (figurative of wicked); figurative תְּיַבֶּשׁנָּֿ֑רֶם Proverbs 17:22 a broken spirit maketh dry (the) bones.

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine singular הוֺבִישׁ Joshua 2:10 3t. + Joel 1:10 (see below); חֹבִישׁ Ezekiel 19:12 2t. Joel (see below); 3feminine singular הוֺבִישָׁה Joel 1:12 (see below); 2 masculine singular הוֺבַשְׁתָּ Psalm 74:15; 1singular הוֺבַשְׁתִּי Ezekiel 17:24; וְהוֺבַשְׁתִּ֫י Jeremiah 51:36; 3plural וְהֹבִישׁוּ consecutive Zechariah 10:11; Imperfect1singular אוֺבִישׁ Isaiah 42:15 (twice in verse); Isaiah 44:27; — dry up, make dry:

1 dry up water, ׳י subject, Joshua 2:10; Joshua 4:23 (twice in verse); Joshua 5:1 (all D), Jeremiah 51:36 ("" הֶחֱרִיב), Isaiah 42:15; Isaiah 44:27 (חֳרָבִי in "" clause), Psalm 74:15.

2 make dry, wither: herbage, trees, crops, etc., of ׳י, Isaiah 42:15 ("" החריב); object Babylon under figure of tree Ezekiel 17:24; of east wind's drying up Judah's fruit Ezekiel 19:12.

3 exhibit dryness: of river-deeps laid bare Zechariah 10:11. — In like manner might be taken Joel 1:10,12 (twice in verse); Joel 1:17, if from יבשׁ; but the sense would be difficult, especially in Joel 1:10; Joel 1:12, and הֹבִישׁוּ Joel 1:11 must be from בּוֺשׁ, to which all these cases in Joel may be consistently assigned; see בּוֺשׁ.

be ashamed, clean, be confounded, make dry up, do shamefully, utterly, wither away

A primitive root; to be ashamed, confused or disappointed; also (as failing) to dry up (as water) or wither (as herbage) -- be ashamed, clean, be confounded, (make) dry (up), (do) shame(-fully), X utterly, wither (away).

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