3032. yadad
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yadad: to cast a lot
Original Word: יָדַד
Part of Speech: verb
Transliteration: yadad
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-dad')
Short Definition: cast

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to cast a lot
NASB Translation
cast (3).

I. [יָדַד] verb cast a lot (compare Ethiopic immittere, etc, Di935) — only

Qal Perfect3masculine plural יַדוּ גוֺרָל עַל Nahum 3:10; Obadiah 11; יַדוּ גוֺרָל אֶלֿ Joshua 4:3. (Possibly wrongly pointed perfects of ידה

Pi`el q. v.)

II. ידד (√ of following; love, compare Arabic love; Aramaic Pa`el love, also derivatives; Sabean epithet feminine ודת loving-one, friend, amie, DHMZMG 1883, 391; see also דוד).


A primitive root; properly, to handle (compare yadah), i.e. To throw, e.g. Lots -- cast.

see HEBREW yadah

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