3038. Yeduthun
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Yeduthun: leader of a choir of the temple
Original Word: יְדוּתוּן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Yeduthun
Phonetic Spelling: (yed-oo-thoon')
Short Definition: Jeduthun

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from yadah
leader of a choir of the temple
NASB Translation
Jeduthun (14).

יְדוּתוּן, יְדֻתוּן proper name, masculine usually יְדוּתוּן; יְדֻתוּן2Chronicles 5:12; 35:15; יְדיּ֯תוּן Psalm 39:1; Psalm 77:1; Nehemiah 11:37; 1 Chronicles 16:38; chief of one of the three choirs of the temple (only Chronicles & Psalm-titles) 1 Chronicles 9:16; 1 Chronicles 16:38,41,42; 1 Chronicles 25:3 (twice in verse); 1 Chronicles 25:6; 2Chronicles 5:12; the king's seer 2 Chronicles 35:15; his descendants formed one of the perpetual temple choirs בְּנֵי יְדוּתוּן 1 Chronicles 16:42; 1 Chronicles 25:1,3; 2Chronicles 29:14; בֶּןיְֿדיּ֯תוּן Nehemiah 11:17. In Psalm-titles על ידותון Psalm 62:1; Psalm 77:1 (Qr); לִידיּתוּן Psalm 39:1 (לְ error for עלֿ), all = after the manner of (the choir of) Yeduthun (musical term according to RSOTJC 422, 2nd ed. 143). — see also LagOr ii. 16 ff. and proper name אָסָף, הֵימָן (sub אמן), אֵיתָן (sub יתן).


Or Yduthuwn {yed-oo-thoon'}; or Ydiythuwn {yed-ee-thoon'}; probably from yadah; laudatory; Jeduthun, an Israelite -- Jeduthun.

see HEBREW yadah

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