3173. yachid
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yachid: only, only one, solitary
Original Word: יָחִיד
Part of Speech: Adjective; substantive
Transliteration: yachid
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-kheed')
Short Definition: only

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from yachad
only, only one, solitary
NASB Translation
lonely (2), one and child (1), only (5), only son (4).

יָחִיד adjective and substantive only, only one, solitary (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic יָחִיד, יְחִידַי, , , id.; Arabic solitary) —

1 only one, especially of an only son, Genesis 22:2,12,16 את בנך את יְחִידְךָ thy son, thine only one, אֵבֶל יָחִיד Amos 8:10; Jeremiah 6:26 mourning for an only son, כמספד על היחיד Zechariah 12:10; Proverbs 4:3 רַךְ וְיָחִיד לפני אמי; so feminine יְחִידָה Judges 11:34.

2 feminine יְחִידָה as substantive Psalm 22:21; Psalm 35:17 יְחִידָתִי my only one, poetic for my life, as the one unique and priceless possession which can never be replaced (in each "" נַפְשִׁי).

3 solitary, Psalm 25:16 כי יחיד ועני אני; Psalm 68:7 מוֺשִׁיב יְחִידִים בַּיְתָה causing solitary, isolated ones (i.e. friendless wanderers or exiles; "" אֲסִירִים) to dwell at home (Lag Ch and others מֵשִׁיב bringing back home).

darling, desolate, only child, son, solitary

From yachad; properly, united, i.e. Sole; by implication, beloved; also lonely; (feminine) the life (as not to be replaced) -- darling, desolate, only (child, son), solitary.

see HEBREW yachad

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