325. Achashverosh
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Achashverosh: king of Persia
Original Word: אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֹשׁ
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Achashverosh
Phonetic Spelling: (akh-ash-vay-rosh')
Short Definition: Ahasuerus

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
king of Persia
NASB Translation
Ahasuerus (31).

אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֺשׁ proper name, masculine Ahasuerus = Xerxes (Persian Khshayârshâ = mighty + eye or man, see Spiegl. with 216; in Aramaic חשיארש, CISII. i. 122 [ B.C. 481]) king of Persia Ezra 4:6; Esther 1:1 (twice in verse); Esther 1:2,9,10 18t. Esther + Esther 10:1 Qr (Kt אחשׁרשׁ); אֲחַשְׁוֵרשׁ Esther 1:16; Esther 2:21; Esther 3:12; Esther 8:7,10; also Daniel 9:1 where made father of 'Darius the Mede,' compare Meinh.


Or (shortened) pachashrosh {akh- ash-rosh'} (Esth. 10:1); of Persian origin; Achashverosh (i.e. Ahasuerus or Artaxerxes, but in this case Xerxes), the title (rather than name) of a Persian king -- Ahasuerus.

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