3408. Yerioth
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Yerioth: an Israelite woman
Original Word: יְרִיעוֹת
Part of Speech: Proper Name Feminine
Transliteration: Yerioth
Phonetic Spelling: (yer-ee-ohth')
Short Definition: Jerioth

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
pl. of yeriah
an Isr. woman
NASB Translation
Jerioth (1).

יְרִיעוֺת proper name, masculine (?) only 1 Chronicles 2:18, where read perhaps ׳בַּתיֿר for ᵑ0 ׳וְאֶתיֿר, see We VB; ᵐ5 Ελιωθ, A ᵐ5L Ιερ(ε)ιωθ.

יִרְמְּאֵל see below רפא.

I. ירק (√ of following; Late Hebrew Hiph`il; Aramaic Aph`el אוֺרִיק grow green; be pale, and derivatives; Assyrian arâ‡u, grow pale (of face), ar‡u, yellow, green, etc., DlHWB 243; Arabic leaf, put forth leaves, compare ash-colour, dusky-white, of camel, silver coin LagBN 30; Sabean ורק gold (כתם וורק), HalEs, JAssyrian DÈc. 1874, Nos. 47, 97 DHMVOJ i. 26 f., and Ethiopic gold, both from colour according to DHM Di).


Plural of yriy'ah; curtains; Jerioth, an Israelitess -- Jerioth.

see HEBREW yriy'ah

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