346. ayyeh
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ayyeh: where?
Original Word: אַיֵּה
Part of Speech: interrogative adverb
Transliteration: ayyeh
Phonetic Spelling: (ah-yay')
Short Definition: where

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from ay
NASB Translation
where (44).

אַיֵּה45 (lengthened from אַי, compare הֵן & הִנֵּה)

interr.adverb Where? Genesis 18:9; Genesis 19:5; Genesis 22:7; the most General term expressing this idea, used of both person & things (but never with a verb [contrast אֵיפֹה]); often in poetry or elevated style, where the answer nowhere is expected, Isaiah 33:18; Isaiah 36:19; Isaiah 51:13; Jeremiah 2:28 (compare Deuteronomy 32:37 אֵי) Jeremiah 17:15; Jeremiah 37:19, Job 15:23 he wandereth abroad for bread אַיֵּה (saying) Where is it ? Job 21:28; Zechariah 1:5 (אַיֵּההֵֿם); in the (iron.) phrase where is thy (their) God? Psalm 42:4; Psalm 42:11; Psalm 79:10; Psalm 115:2 (אַיֵּהנָֿא) Joel 2:17; rhetorically, of an earnest inquiry Jeremiah 2:6,8; Job 35:10, or longing Isaiah 63:11,15; Judges 6:13.


Prolonged from 'ay; where? -- where.

see HEBREW 'ay

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