3563. kowc
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kowc: cup
Original Word: כּוֹס
Part of Speech: noun feminine; noun masculine
Transliteration: kowc
Phonetic Spelling: (koce)
Short Definition: cup

I. כּוֺס noun feminineLamentations 4:21 cup (√ unknown; perhaps kindred with כִּיס, q. v.; Late Hebrew id.; Phoenician כסת; Aramaic כָּס, ; Arabic is Aramaic loan-word according to Frä171, but see DHMVOJ i. 27) — ׳כ absolute Genesis 40:11 +; כּ֯יֹס Proverbs 23:31; construct Genesis 40:11 +; suffix כּוֺסִי Psalm 16:5; Psalm 23:5 etc.; plural absolute כֹּסוֺת Jeremiah 35:5; — cup 2 Samuel 12:3; for wine Genesis 40:11 (3 t. in verse); Genesis 40:13,21 (all E), Proverbs 23:31; Jeremiah 35:5; שְׂפַתאכּוֺס 1 Kings 7:26; 2Chronicles 4:5; תַּנְחוּמִים ׳כ Jeremiah 16:7 the cup offered to mourners; figurative (wine-) cup of judgement of ׳י, from which the nations, or Israel, must drink Jeremiah 49:12; Lamentations 4:21; Psalm 75:9; חֲמָתוֺ ׳כ Isaiah 51:17,22; הַיַּיִן ׳כ הַחֵמָה Jeremiah 25:15, compare Jeremiah 25:17; Jeremiah 25:28; הַתַּרְעֵלָה ׳כ Isaiah 51:17,22; ׳כ שַׁמָּה וּשְׁמָמָה Ezekiel 23:33, compare Ezekiel 23:31; Ezekiel 23:32; Ezekiel 23:33; ׳יְמִין י ׳כ Habakkuk 2:16; by bold metaphor Babylon is such a cup זָהָב ׳כ ׳בְּיַד י Jeremiah 51:7; so of wicked persons, fire, brimstone, and burning wind are מְנָתאכּוֺסָם Psalm 11:6 the portion of their cup; ׳כ in good sense, cup of blessing Psalm 23:5 (overflowing); מְנָת חֶלְקִי וְכוֺסִי ׳י Psalm 16:5; יְשׁוּעוֺת ׳כ Psalm 116:13.

II. כּוֺס noun [masculine] a kind of owl (according to Vrss.; see Kn-Di Leviticus 11:17; word perhaps onomatopoetic) — unclean bird Leviticus 11:17; Deuteronomy 14:16, dwelling in ruins חֳרָבוֺת ׳כִ Psalm 102:7.

I. כור (√ of following; perhaps be or make round, hence furnace, pot, basin, from shape; Arabic wind about (e.g. a turban), turn or twist (of turban), blacksmith's fire-place, hornet's or bees' nest, ** means also a camel's saddle (or 'howdah') with its apparatus, see Frey, Lane; bundle; > Thes compare Syriac incaluit (Lexicons aestuavit, calefactus est)).

cup, small owl

From an unused root meaning to hold together; a cup (as a container), often figuratively, a lot (as if a potion); also some unclean bird, probably an owl (perhaps from the cup-like cavity of its eye) -- cup, (small) owl. Compare kiyc.

see HEBREW kiyc

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