3667. Kna'an
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Kna'an: Canaan
Original Word: כְּנַ֫עַן
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine; proper name, masculine; noun masculine
Transliteration: Kna'an
Phonetic Spelling: (ken-ah'-an)
Short Definition: Canaan

I. כְּנַ֫עַן90 proper name, masculine and

of a territory Canaan (ᵐ5 Ξανααν, Phoenician כנען = Phoenicia; Ξνα = כנע, Hecataeus, see MüllerFr.Hist.Gr.i,17 and others; Egyptian Ka-n-±-na WMMAs.u.Europa,205 ff.; Tel Amarna Kina—na, Kina——i, etc., BezBM Tablets, 150 WklTA 39; etymology dubious GFMPAOS Oct. 1890. lxvii ff.; see also GASmGeogr. 4 f. BuhlGeogr. § 42); — 1 as

proper name, masculine, son of Ham Genesis 9:18,22,25,27; Genesis 10:15 (as ancestor of Canaanites and Phoenicians; all J); Genesis 10:6 (P); 1 Chronicles 1:8,13 (from Genesis 10:6,15).

2. a. land, west of Jordan, into which Hebrews came, and where they settled, subduing the inhabitants; מַלְכֵי כְּנַעַן Judges 5:19, ׳מלך כ Judges 4:2,23,24 (twice in verse); hence ׳מַמְלְכוֺת כ Psalm 135:11; ׳ישְׁבֵי כ Exodus 15:15 (song in E); compare ׳מִלְחֲמוֺת כ Judges 3:1; ׳עֲצַבֵּי כ Psalm 106:38 idols of Canaan, i.e. of the former inhabitants; especially ׳אֶרֶץ (ֿ) כ, ׳אַרְצָה כ Genesis 44:8; Genesis 46:31; Genesis 47:1,4,13,14,15; Genesis 50:5,13 (all J), Genesis 35:6; Genesis 42:5,7,13,29,32; Genesis 45:17,25; Joshua 24:3 (all E), Genesis 11:31; Genesis 12:5 (twice in verse); Genesis 13:12 (opposed to עָרֵי הַכִּכָּר vb), Genesis 16:3; Genesis 17:8 (all P) + 40 t. P, Judges 21:12; 1 Chronicles 16:18 = Psalm 105:11; also ׳הָאָרֶץ כ Numbers 34:2 (P); ׳בְּנוֺת כ Genesis 28:1 daughters of Canaan = women of the land, so Genesis 28:6; Genesis 28:8; Genesis 36:2 (all P); כנען is personified Hosea 12:8 = apostate Israel; ׳שְׂפַת כ Isaiah 19:18 = the Hebrew language (without evil implication).

b. the coast, especially Phoenicia Isaiah 23:11; compare אֶרֶץ מְּלִשְׁתִּים ׳כ Zephaniah 2:5.

II. כְּנָ֫עַן noun [masculine] merchant (s) (because Canaanites, especially Phoenicians, were traders); — כָּלעַֿם כְּנַעַן Zephaniah 1:11; ׳אֶרֶץ כ Ezekiel 16:29 (omitted by ᵐ5 B and others Co), Ezekiel 17:4 a land of merchants; compare כנעני near the end.

Canaan, merchant, traffic

From kana'; humiliated; Kenaan, a son a Ham; also the country inhabited by him -- Canaan, merchant, traffick.

see HEBREW kana'

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