3794. Kitti or Kittiyyi
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Kitti or Kittiyyi: a son of Javan, also his desc. and their land
Original Word: כִּתִּים
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: Kitti or Kittiyyi
Phonetic Spelling: (kit-tee')
Short Definition: Kittim

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from an unused name
a son of Javan, also his desc. and their land
NASB Translation
Cyprus (3), Kittim (5).

[כִּתִּי] adjective, of a people always plural כִּתִּים כִּתִּיִּים; usually as

name, of a people = Cypriotes (compare Phoenician proper name, of a location כת כתי, Citium; on a connection with Kheta, –-t¹, –attê, חִתִּי, see WMMAsien u. Europa,345; — on Citium see CesnolaGyprus 46 ff); — אֶרֶץ כִּתִּים Isaiah 23:1, כִּתִּיי֯ם Isaiah 23:12; כִּתִּים (as son of Yawan) Genesis 10:4 = 1 Chronicles 1:7; וְצִים ׳מִיַּד כ Numbers 24:24 ships from the side (direction) of Kittim; more Generally, of coast-lands of Mediterranean, אִיֵּי כִּתִּיִּים Jeremiah 2:10, אִיֵּי כִּתִּיִּם Ezekiel 27:6; even of Macedonian Greece, צִיִּים כִּתִּים Daniel 11:30 (only here as adjective, compare Bev) i.e. Grecian ships.

כָּתִית see below כתת.

כתל (√ of following; compare Arabic make into firm lumps or blocks, make compact; Frey also bind, imprison, be joined together).

Chittim, Kittim

Or Kittiyiy {kit-tee-ee'}; patrial from an unused name denoting Cyprus (only in the plural); a Kittite or Cypriote; hence, an islander in general, i.e. The Greeks or Romans on the shores opposite Palestine -- Chittim, Kittim.

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