383. ithay
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ithay: there is, are
Original Word: אּיתַי
Part of Speech: particle; substantive
Transliteration: ithay
Phonetic Spelling: (ee-thah'ee)
Short Definition: there

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
(Aramaic) corresponding to yesh
there is, are
NASB Translation
do (1), has (1), have (1), residing (1), there (6).

אִיתַי (Baer אִתַי, except before suffix, see BaerDaniel 2:10)

particle there is, are. . . (properly a substantive following by a Genitive, see Biblical Hebrew יֵשׁ: Egyptian Aramaic איתי RÉS361, S-CPap., Nabataean איתי, Palmyrene אית, ᵑ7 Talmud אִית (Dalm§ 44, 4), Syriac , Samaritan , Mandean אית, עית (NöM §§ 213. 272): see further Biblical Hebrew יֵשׁ); — אִיתַי Daniel 2:10, suffix אִיתָיךְ Daniel 2:26 Kt (Qr אִיתָךְ K§ 53, 2 b), אִית֫וֺהִי Daniel 2:11, איתינא Kt (i.e. probably אִיתַ֫יְנָא: Kl.c.), Qr אִיתָ֫נָא Daniel 3:18, אִיתֵיכוֺן Daniel 3:14; Daniel 3:15; — there is (are) . . ., absolute Daniel 2:28 אִיתַי אֱלָהּ בִּשְׁמַיָּא there is a God in heaven, Daniel 2:30 not by wisdom דִּיאִֿיתַי בִּי that is in me, Daniel 3:12; Daniel 5:11; followed by participle or adjective Daniel 2:26 הַאִיתָיךְ כָּהֵל art thou able. . .? Daniel 3:15,17; followed by דִּי, Ezra 5:17 הֵן אִיתַי דִּי if it is that, . . With negative לָא אִיתַי (so S-CD 10 +; ᵑ7 Syriac, Mandean לַיִת , Zenjirli suffix לישה (Cooke184); compare below Biblical Hebrew יֵשׁ) Daniel 2:10 ... לָא אִיתַי אֱנָשׁ כִּי, Daniel 3:29; Daniel 4:32; after the subject Daniel 2:11a; Daniel 3:25 בְּהוֺן ׳וַחֲבָל לָא א, Ezra 4:16; followed by participle or adjective Daniel 3:14,18; with pleonastic suffix, Daniel 2:11 מְדָֽרְהוֺן עִסבִּֿשְׂרָא לָא אִיתוֺהִי.

art thou, can, do ye, have, it be, there is are, we will not

(Aramaic) corresponding to yesh; properly, entity; used only as a particle of affirmation, there is -- art thou, can, do ye, have, it be, there is (are), X we will not.

see HEBREW yesh

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