3884. luwle'
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luwle': except
Original Word: לוּלֵא
Part of Speech: Preposition; Conjunction
Transliteration: luwle'
Phonetic Spelling: (loo-lay')
Short Definition: except

לוּלֵא Genesis 43:10; Judges 14:18; 2 Samuel 2:27; Psalm 27:13, elsewhere לוּלֵי10 if not, unless (from לוּ if, and לֵא, by dissimilation (Köii. 236, 489) for לֹא not; compare Arabic ), the negative of לוּ, and used similarly: —

a. followed by perfect, Judges 14:18 לולא חרשׁתם ֗֗֗ לא מצאתם unless ye had ploughed with my heifer, ye would not have found out my riddle, 1 Samuel 25:34 (second כי resumptive: כִּי 1d), Psalm 106:23; with apod, introd. by כִּי עַתָּה Genesis 31:42; Genesis 43:10; by אָז 2 Samuel 2:27 (כי resumptive); by כִּמְעַט Isaiah 1:9; with an aposiop. Psalm 27:13 if I had not believed ...!

b. followed by imperfect Deuteronomy 32:27 אמרתי ֗֗֗ לולי אגור I should have said, &c . . . . except I dreaded, &c.

c. followed by participle, 2 Kings 3:14.

d. without a verb, Psalm 94:17 (apodosis כמעט), Psalm 119:92 (apodosis אָז). In the later language, Psalm 124:1; Psalm 124:2 -שֶׁ ׳לוּלֵי י (apodosis אֲזַי except that ... (compare Aramaic, Psalm 106:23, אִילּוּלֵי ֗֗֗ דִּי Psalm 27:13 ᵑ7). — Read also לוּלֵי for אוּלַי in Numbers 22:33 (apodosis כִּי עַתָּה). See further on לוּ and לוּלֵא Dr§§ 139-145iii. 487f; 565.

except, had not, if

Or luwley {loo lay'}; from luw' and lo'; if not -- except, had not, if (...not), unless, were it not that.

see HEBREW luw'

see HEBREW lo'

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