4136. mul or mol or mol or mul
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mul or mol or mol or mul: front, in front of
Original Word: מוֹאל
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: mul or mol or mol or mul
Phonetic Spelling: (mool)
Short Definition: opposite

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
front, in front of
NASB Translation
before (1), front (7), frontier (1), left (1), opposite (8), opposite* (2), over against (1), toward* (2).

לְמוֺא֯ל Nehemiah 12:38 read לַשְּׂמאֹל, see שׂמאל.

I. מוּל, מוֺל ( Deuteronomy 1:1), מוֺאל ( Nehemiah 12:38)

substantive and

preposition front, in front of (derivatives dubious; according to Ol§ 223 c Sta§ 378 a, for מְאוֺל from אוּל to be in front: see further Köii. 300 f. HptBAS i. 172): —

1. substantive only 1 Kings 7:5 (si vera 1.: see StaZAW 1883, 151) וּמוּל מֶחֱזָה אֶלמֶֿחֱזָה and the front of (one) window was towards (the other) window, and Nehemiah 12:38 לְמוֺאל = in the opposite direction (but read probably לִשְׂמאוֺל, compare לַיָּמִין Nehemiah 12:31). 2 as

preposition, Deuteronomy 1:1; Deuteronomy 2:19 מוּל בני עמון in front of the Ammonites, Deuteronomy 3:29 (= Deuteronomy 4:46; Deuteronomy 34:6) מוּל בית פעור, Deuteronomy 11:30; Joshua 18:18; Joshua 19:46 מוּל יָפוֺ 1 Samuel 14:5 (twice in verse); figurative Exodus 18:19 הֱיֵה אַתָּה לעם מול האלהים in front of God, i.e. representing God to them. With prefixes: —

a. אלמֿול towards the front of, 1 Samuel 17:30 מֵאֶצְלוֺ אֶלמֿוּל אַחֵר וַיִּסֹב to the front of another; on the front of, Exodus 34:3 (pregnantly) וְאַליִֿרְעוּ אלמֿול ההר, Joel Exodus 8:33 (twice in verse); Exodus 9:1; Exodus 22:11 (see WAWJPhoenician xiii. 117 ff.); specifically מוּל מְּנֵי אֶלֿ towards or on the forefront of, Exodus 26:9; Exodus 28:25 ("" Exodus 39:18), Exodus 39:37; Leviticus 8:9; Numbers 8:2,3; 2 Samuel 11:15 set ye Uriah אלמֿול פני המלחמה.

b. מִמּוּל: — (a) from the front of, Micah 2:8 (text dubious: read probably מֵעַל). (b) of position, off (see מן

1c) the front of, Leviticus 5:8 מִמּוּל עָרְמּוֺ off the front of its neck, i.e. close in front of it, Numbers 22:5 והוא יושׁב מִמֻּלִי close in front of me, 2 Samuel 5:23 (1 Chronicles 14:14) ממול בכאים ובאת להם come to them off the front of the mulberry-trees, 1 Kings 7:39 (2 Chronicles 4:10) מִמּוּל נֶגֶב; מִמּוּל מָּנָיו on the forefront of, Exodus 28:27 ("" Exodus 39:20).

over against, before, forefront, from, Godward, toward, with

Or mowl (Deuteronomy 1:1) {mole}; or mowtl (Nehemiah 12:38) {mole}; or mul (Numbers 22:5) {mool}; from muwl; properly, abrupt, i.e. A precipice; by implication, the front; used only adverbially (with prepositional prefix) opposite -- (over) against, before, (fore-)front, from, (God-)ward, toward, with.

see HEBREW muwl

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