4150. moed
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moed: appointed time, place, or meeting
Original Word: מוֹעֵד
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: moed
Phonetic Spelling: (mo-ade')
Short Definition: meeting

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from yaad
appointed time, place, or meeting
NASB Translation
appointed (3), appointed feast (3), appointed feasts (11), appointed festival (2), appointed meeting place (1), appointed place (1), appointed sign (1), appointed time (21), appointed times (8), appointment (1), assembly (2), definite time (1), feasts (2), festal assemblies (1), fixed festivals (3), meeting (147), meeting place (1), meeting places (1), season (4), seasons (3), set time (1), time (3), times (1), times appointed (1).

מוֺעֵד223 noun masculinePsalm 102:14 appointed time, place, meeting; ׳מ Exodus 9:5 183t.; מֹעֵד Deuteronomy 31:10; מוֺעֲדוֺ Numbers 9:2 2t.; מֹעֲדוֺ Lamentations 2:6 3t. + 5 t. suffixes; plural מוֺעֲדִים Daniel 12:7 6t.; מֹעֲדִים Zechariah 8:19; 1 Chronicles 23:31; מוֺעֲדוֺת2Chronicles 8:13; construct מֹועֲדֵי Leviticus 23:2 6t.; מֹעֲדֵי Leviticus 23:44; suffixes מוֺעֲדַי Ezekiel 44:24; מֹעֲדֵיכֶם Numbers 15:3 6t. suffixes; —

1 appointed time:

a. in General with prefix לְ, at an or the appointed time Genesis 18:14; Exodus 13:10 (J), Exodus 23:15; Exodus 34:18; Joshua 8:14 (all J E), Genesis 17:21; Genesis 21:2 (P), 1 Samuel 9:24; 1 Samuel 13:8 (after אשׁר insert either אָמַר ᵐ5 ᵑ7 or שָׂם Dr), 1 Samuel 13:11; 2 Kings 4:16,17; Habakkuk 2:3; Daniel 8:19; Daniel 11:27,29,35; דוד ׳למ at he time appointed with David 1 Samuel 20:35 (Thes SS place appointed); with prefix בְּ Hosea 2:11; Leviticus 23:4; Numbers 9:2,3,7,13; Numbers 28:2 (P); with מִן 2 Samuel 20:5; מ׳עַד עֵת 2 Samuel 24:15 unto the time appointed (but dubious, see Dr); with verbs ׳בא מ Psalm 102:14; ׳לקח מ Psalm 75:3; ׳שׂים מ Exodus 9:5 (J); ׳העביר המ Jeremiah 46:17; the stork ׳ידעה מ Jeremiah 8:7 knows her appointed time; צאתך ׳מ Deuteronomy 16:6 time of thy going forth (from Egypt).

b. in particular (compare Exodus 13:10; Exodus 23:15; Exodus 34:18), sacred season, RV usually set feast or appointed season (wider than חַג, which was only a feast celebrated by a pilgrimage), ׳יוֺם (ימי) מ day (s) of appointed season (i.e. festivals) Hosea 9:5; Hosea 12:10; Lamentations 2:7,22; singular indefinite Lamentations 1:4; of the feast of booths Deuteronomy 31:10; "" חג חדשׁ שׁבת Hosea 2:13; "" שׁבת Lamentations 2:6; usually plural יהוה ׳מ Leviticus 23:2,4,37,44 (P), 2 Chron 2:3 Ezra 3:5; with suffixes referring to ׳י Leviticus 23:2 (P); ׳בּמ Numbers 15:3; Numbers 29:39 (P), Ezekiel 36:38; Ezekiel 46:9; קרית ׳מ city of our solemnities (sacred seasons) Isaiah 33:20; טובים ׳למ Zechariah 8:19; "" שׁבתות Ezekiel 44:24; "" חדשׁים Isaiah 1:14; 1 Chronicles 23:31; 2Chronicles 8:13; 31:3; Nehemiah 10:34; "" חנים Ezekiel 46:11; חגים חדשׁים Ezekiel 45:17; "" ראשׁי חָדְשֵׁכֶם Numbers 10:10 (P). —

Notes. It is most probable that in Genesis 1:14 (P), where ׳מ "" אֹתֹת, the reference is to the sacred seasons as fixed by moon's appearance; and so also ׳עשׂה ירח למ he made the moon for sacred seasons Psalm 104:19, although many Lexicons & Commentaries refer these to the seasons of the year. — למועד מועדים וחצי Daniel 12:7 for a set time, times, and a half = 3 2-Janappointed times = half the prophetic week of years, compare BrMP 453 f.׳ויאכלו את המ they ate throughout the sacred season (of Maƒƒoth) 2 Chronicles 30:22 AV RV, but Thes SS Be Ke Öttli they ate the offerings of the sacred season; ᵐ5 וַיְכַלּוּ.

2 appointed meeting: לְכָלחַֿי ׳בֵּית מ Job 30:23 house of meeting for every living (of She'ol); ׳קְרִאֵי מ Numbers 16:2 (P) called to the assembly = קְרִאֵי הָעֵדָה; ׳קרא עלי מ Lamentations 1:15 called a festal meeting against me; ׳בקרב מ Psalm 74:4 in the midst of thine assembly; הַר מוֺעֵד Isaiah 14:13 mount of meeting or assembly (of the gods; the mountain of the gods in the extreme north, the oriental Olympus, Persian Alborg, Hindu Meru, Babylon. Aralli, compare LenOrigines ii, ch. ix).

3 appointed place:

a. the temple, "" שׂכּוֺ Lamentations 2:6, ׳נוּגֵי ממ afflicted (and driven) from the place of assembly Zephaniah 3:18 (compare BrMP 225).

b. synagogues, כָּלמֿוֺעֲדֵיאֵֿל בָּאָרֶץ all the appointed places of El in the land Psalm 74:8 = בֵּית וַעַד Sota Psalm 9:15.

4 appointed sign, signal, Judges 20:38.

5 אֹהֶל מוֺעֵד tent of meeting (of God with his people: see יָעַד Niph`al

1); the sacred tent of the Exodus (see אֹהֶל 3) Exodus 33:7 (twice in verse); Numbers 12:4; Deuteronomy 31:14 (twice in verse) (E), Numbers 11:16 (J); often in P, as Exodus 27:21; Exodus 29:4; Leviticus 1:1,3; Joshua 18:1; Joshua 19:51, etc. (131 t.)>; elsewhere only 1 Samuel 2:22b (omitted by ᵐ5), 1 Kings 8:4 2Chronicles 5:5; 1 Chronicles 6:17; 1 Chronicles 9:21; 1 Chronicles 23:32; 2Chronicles 1:3,6,13.

appointed sign, time, place of, solemn assembly, congregation, set, solemn feast

Or moled {mo-ade'}; or (feminine) moweadah (2 Chronicles 8:13) {mo-aw-daw'}; from ya'ad; properly, an appointment, i.e. A fixed time or season; specifically, a festival; conventionally a year; by implication, an assembly (as convened for a definite purpose); technically the congregation; by extension, the place of meeting; also a signal (as appointed beforehand) -- appointed (sign, time), (place of, solemn) assembly, congregation, (set, solemn) feast, (appointed, due) season, solemn(-ity), synogogue, (set) time (appointed).

see HEBREW ya'ad

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