4302. matta
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matta: place or act of planting, a plantation
Original Word: מַטָּע
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: matta
Phonetic Spelling: (mat-taw')
Short Definition: planting

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from nata
place or act of planting, a plantation
NASB Translation
planting (2), planting place (2), planting places (1), where it was planted (1).

מַטָּע noun masculine place, or act of planting; plantation; — absolute ׳מ Ezekiel 34:29; construct מַטַּע Isaiah 61:3; suffix מַטָּעוֺ Isaiah 60:21 (Kt; Qr מַטָּעַי); מַטָּעָהּ Ezekiel 17:7, also Ezekiel 31:4, but read מַטָּעֹה ᵐ5 Hi Co Berthol Toy; plural construct מַטָּעֵי Micah 1:6; —

1 planting-place, מַטָּעֵי כָ֑רֶם Micah 1:6 planting-place for a vineyard, so Ezekiel 31:4 (read מַטָּעֹה, see above); probably also לְשֵׁם ׳מ < read שָׁלֹם ׳מ ᵐ5 Co Berthol Toy i.e. peaceful (fruitful) planting-place; compare ׳עֲרֻגוֺת מ Ezekiel 17:7 = beds where it was planted.

2 act of planting ׳נֵצֶר מ Isaiah 60:21 shoot of his (my) planting (figurative of people).

3 ׳י ׳מ Isaiah 61:3 plantation of ׳י (id.).

garden or vineyard

From nata'; something planted, i.e. The place (a garden or vineyard), or the thing (a plant, figuratively or men); by implication, the act, planting -- plant(-ation, -ing).

see HEBREW nata'

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