4378. makkar
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makkar: acquaintance, friend
Original Word: מַכָּר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: makkar
Phonetic Spelling: (mak-kawr')
Short Definition: acquaintance

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from nakar
acquaintance, friend
NASB Translation
acquaintance (1), acquaintances (1).

[מַכָּר] noun masculine acquaintance, friend (dubious, compare Benzon the passage); — suffix מַכָּרוֺ 2 Kings 12:6; plural suffix מַכָּרֵיכֶם v.2 Kings 12:8.

II. נכר (√ of following, possibly = I. נכר, whence the foreign, strange, as that which is intently regarded, so Thes, but precarious; compare Assyrian nakâru, rebel, Pa`el change, nakiru, and nakaru, enemy, nukurtu, enmity, etc.; ** be ignorant of, Qor 11:73; II. change, alter, so as not to be known, disguise Qor 27:41; IV=I, also deny, Qor 16:85 repudiate. Arabic in sense be bad, evil; II. change, alter a thing; Sabean נכר II. reject, injure, etc., נכרם injury SabDenkm76 CISiv. 81. 9; 29. 5; Minaean נכר alter HomSüdarab. Chrest. 128; Syriac reject, alienus, etc.; ** reject is rare (twice), and PS properly alienavit each time. ᵑ7 נוּכְרַי strange, foreign).


From nakar; an acquaintance -- acquaintance.

see HEBREW nakar

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