4521. menath
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menath: portion
Original Word: מְנָת
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: menath
Phonetic Spelling: (men-awth')
Short Definition: portion

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from manah
NASB Translation
portion (6), portions (3), prey (1).

[מְנָת] noun feminine portion ( = מָנָה chiefly late; on form compare Ges§ 95n. Lag BN 81, 150); — construct מְנָ֫ת2Chronicles 31:3 5t.; Plural construct מְנָאוֺת Nehemiah 12:44; מְנָיוֺת Nehemiah 12:47; Nehemiah 13:10; — portion of king, for sacrifice, 2 Chronicles 31:3; priest 2 Chronicles 31:4; also Nehemiah 12:44 מְנָאוֺת הַתּוֺרָה ׳לַכּ; of Levites Nehemiah 13:10; of singers Nehemiah 12:47; figurative כּוֺסָם מְנָת Psalm 11:6 (of judgment of wicked), compare שֻׁעָלִים ׳מ Psalm 63:11; so מְנָֽתמִֿדַּיִךְ Jeremiah 13:25; portion of thy measure = thine allotted portion; read also מְנָתוֺ(הּֿׅ for מִנֶּ֑הוּ Psalm 68:24 (so Ol Dy Bi Che We); in good sense, מְנָת חֶלְקִי וְכוֺסִי ׳י Psalm 16:5 ׳י is the portion of my lot and my cup.


From manah; an allotment (by courtesy, law or providence) -- portion.

see HEBREW manah

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