4586. Meunim or Meinim
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Meunim or Meinim: a people Southeast of the Dead Sea
Original Word: מְעוּנִים
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Meunim or Meinim
Phonetic Spelling: (meh-oo-nee')
Short Definition: Meunites

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
a people S.E. of the Dead Sea
NASB Translation
Meunim (2), Meunites (3).

מְעוּנִים proper name, of a people Me`unim, Me`unites (usually connected with מָעוֺן, (see עון), but dubious, compare BuhlEdom. 41 f.); — a people South (SE ?) of Canaan (compare Buhll.c.); — ׳הַמּ2Chronicles 26:7 and 1 Chronicles 4:41 Qr (Kt המעינים, ᵐ5B τοὺς Μιναίους, ᵐ5L τ. Κιναίους; read also מֵהַמְּעוּנִים2Chronicles 20:1 (for ᵑ0 מֵהָעַמּוֺנִים), so ᵐ5B A (ᵐ5L Αμμανιειμ), Ew Be Ke Ot Kau Kit; בְּנֵימְֿעוּנִים (among Nethinim who went back with Zerubbabel) Ezra 2:50 = Nehemiah 7:52 are perhaps descendants of those named above (2 Chronicles 26:7). ᵐ5 οἱ Μιναῖοι, but against ׳מ = Mineans (GlaserSkizze ii. 450 f. and others) see SprengerZMG xliv (1890), 505.

[מָעוּף] see עיף. מָעוֺר see עור.

מעז (√ of following).

מעינים 1 Chronicles 4:41 Kt see מְעוּנִים.

Mehunims, Meunim

Or Msiyniy {meh-ee-nee'}; probably patrial from Ma'own; a Meunite, or inhabitant of Maon (only in plural) -- Mehunim(-s), Meunim.

see HEBREW Ma'own

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