4601. Maakah or Maakath
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Maakah or Maakath: an Israelite name, also a non-Isr. name, also a region in Syria
Original Word: מַעֲכָה
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine, feminine and of a people; feminine; feminine; of a people
Transliteration: Maakah or Maakath
Phonetic Spelling: (mah-ak-aw')
Short Definition: Maacah

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from maak
an Isr. name, also a non-Isr. name, also a region in Syria
NASB Translation
Aram-maacah* (1), Maacah (21), Maacath (1).

מַעֲכָה proper name, masculine, feminine and of a people 1. masculine ᵐ5 Μ(ο)ωχα, Μα(α)χα:

a. son of Nahor by his concubine רְאוּמָה Genesis 22:22 (J), ancestor of people see

3. b. father of חָנָן, a hero of David 1 Chronicles 11:43.

c. Simeonite name 1 Chronicles 27:16.

d. father of Achish 1 Kings 2:39 (see מָעוֺךְ above).

2. feminine ᵐ5 Μ(ο)ωχα, Μααχα, etc.:

a. Geshurite princess, wife of David, mother of Absalom, 2 Samuel 3:3 = 1 Chronicles 3:2.

b. daughter of Absalom, wife of Rehoboam, mother of Abijam, 1 Kings 15:2; 2Chronicles 11:20,21,22; read also ׳מ2Chronicles 13:2 (so ᵐ5 ᵑ6) for ᵑ0 מִיכָיָה, where called daughter of Uriel of Gibeah (on this difficulty see Be Öttli, and compare c).

c. mother of Asa, and called also daughter of Absalom (as b) 1 Kings 15:10, compare 1 Kings 15:13 2Chronicles 15:16, (on this difficulty see Th Kmp: in Kau).

d. concubine of Caleb according to 1 Chronicles 2:48.

e. wife of Machir 1 Chronicles 7:16, compare 1 Chronicles 7:15 (corrupt, see Be).

f. wife of (יעיאל), father of Gibeon, 1 Chronicles 8:29; 1 Chronicles 9:35.

3. of a people, ᵐ5 Μοοχα, Μωχα, Μα(α)χα; dwelling west of Bashan, near Soba, and Geshur (compare especially adjective, of a people below), 2 Samuel 10:6,8 = 1 Chronicles 19:7, ׳אֲרַם מ 1 Chronicles 19:6 (compare Genesis 22:24 above); = מַעֲכָת Joshua 13:13 (+ גְּשׁוּר), ᵐ5 ὀ Μαχατει, Μαχαθι. — אָבֵל בֵּית מַעֲכָה see below בַּיִת, p. 112 above, and אָבֵל, p. 5.

מַעֲכָת see above מַעֲכָה


Maachah, Maachathites

Or Mamakath (Josh. 13:13) {mah-ak-awth'}; from ma'ak; depression; Maakah (or Maakath), the name of a place in Syria, also of a Mesopotamian, of three Israelites, and of four Israelitesses and one Syrian woman -- Maachah, Maachathites. See also Beyth Ma'akah.

see HEBREW ma'ak

see HEBREW Beyth Ma'akah

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