4723. miqveh
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miqveh: abiding
Original Word: מִקְוֶה
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: miqveh
Phonetic Spelling: (mik-veh')
Short Definition: abiding

קוא only in מִקְוֵא see II. מִקְוֶה below II. קוה.

קֹוֶה, or קֹוֵא proper name, of a territory Kuë in Cilicia (compare KAT2. 257); מִקֹוֶה from Kuë, for ᵑ0 מִקְוֵה 1 Kings 10:28 (twice in verse) and "" מִקְוֵא2Chronicles 1:16 (twice in verse); so WklAlttest. Unters. 173 Gr Benz Kit, compare ᵐ5 ἐκ Θεκουε (also ἐκ Κωα FieldHexapla i. 616), ᵑ9 de Coa, Κωδ LagOnom. 273, Jerome Coa Id.ibid. 111.

I. מִקְוֶה noun [masculine] hope; — absolute ׳מ 1 Chronicles 29:15; Ezra 10:2; construct in phrase מִקְוֵה יִשְׂרָאֵל, epithet of ׳י Jeremiah 14:8; Jeremiah 17:13, compare Jeremiah 50:7.

II. [מִקְוֶה] noun [masculine] collection, collected mass (P); — construct מִקְוֵךְ Genesis 1:10 (מִקְוֶה also Genesis 1:9, for מָקוֺם according to ᵐ5 Ball), Exodus 7:19; Leviticus 11:36, all of water. ֯ ׳מ 1 Kings 10:28 (twice in verse) = מִקְוֵא2Chronicles 1:16 (company of merchants; drove of houses), see קֹוֶה

abiding, gathering together, hope, linen yarn, plenty of water, pool

Or miqveh (1 Kings 10:28) {mik-vay'}; or miqvet (2 Chron. 1:16) {mik-vay'}; from qavah; something waited for, i.e. Confidence (objective or subjective); also a collection, i.e. (of water) a pond, or (of men and horses) a caravan or drove -- abiding, gathering together, hope, linen yarn, plenty (of water), pool.

see HEBREW qavah

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