4762. Mareshah
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Mareshah: a place in Judah, also two Israelites
Original Word: מָרֵשָׁה
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Mareshah
Phonetic Spelling: (mar-ay-shaw')
Short Definition: Mareshah

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
a place in Judah, also two Isr.
NASB Translation
Mareshah (8).

מָרֵשָׁה and (Joshua 15:44) מָרֵאשָׁה proper name, of a location (etymology dubious) in (the Shephelah of) Judah, Micah 1:15 (where named with אַכְזִיבּ etc.), Joshua 15:44 (id.), compare 2 Chronicles 11:8; 2 Chronicles 14:8; 2 Chronicles 14:9; 2 Chronicles 20:37; so apparently (as proper name, masculine in Geneal. scheme) 1 Chronicles 2:42; 1 Chronicles 4:21. — compare 2Macc 12:35 (Μαρισα), 1 Macc 5:66 (read Μαρισα for Σαμαρια, compare Var. Apocrypha). — JosephAnt. xii. 8, 6 (Μαρισσα). ᵐ5 A Joshua 15:44 Μαρησὰ ᵐ5L βαρσηα; ᵐ5 1 Chronicles 2:42 Μαρἑἰσα ᵐ5L Μαρησα, etc. Probably = modern Mer¹sh1mile South of Beit Jibrin (Eleutheropolis), compare RobBR ii. 31 Be1Chronicles 2:42 GASmGeogr. 233 (who identify with (גַּת) מוֺרֶשֶׁת Micah 1:14 q. v. below ירשׁ above, but see LagOno.n. 139, 141, 279, 282) BuhlGeogr. 192.

מִרְשַׁ֫עַת see רשׁע מֹרַשְׁתִּי see ירשׁ.

מָרֵאשָׁה, מָרֵשָׁה proper name, of a location.


Or Mareshah {mar-ay-shaw'}; formed like mar'ashah; summit; Mareshah, the name of two Israelites and of a place in Palestine -- Mareshah.

see HEBREW mar'ashah

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