4812. Merayoth
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Merayoth: descendant of Aaron, also a priestly family
Original Word: מְרָיוֹת
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Merayoth
Phonetic Spelling: (mer-aw-yohth')
Short Definition: Meraioth

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
pl. of Merayah
desc. of Aaron, also a priestly family
NASB Translation
Meraioth (7).

מְרָיוֺה proper name, masculine (on form compare LagBN 51); —

1 descendant of Aaron:

a. grandfather of Ahitub and great-grandfather of Zadok 1 Chronicles 5:32; 1 Chronicles 5:33; 1 Chronicles 6:37; Ezra 7:3; ᵐ5 Μαρειηλ, Μαρερωθ, Μαραιωθ, etc.

b. as son of Ahitub and father of Zadok 1 Chronicles 9:11; Nehemiah 11:11; ᵐ5 Μαρμωθ Μαρ(α)ιωθ.

2 name of a priestly house Nehemiah 12:15 (probably error for מְרֵמוֺת, q. v., Nehemiah 12:3), ᵐ5L Μαριμωθ.


Plural of Mrayah; rebellious; Merajoth, the name of two Israelites -- Meraioth.

see HEBREW Mrayah

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