4869. misgab
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misgab: a secure height, retreat, stronghold
Original Word: מִשְׂגָּב
Part of Speech: noun masculine; proper name, of a location
Transliteration: misgab
Phonetic Spelling: (mis-gawb')
Short Definition: stronghold

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from sagab
a secure height, retreat, stronghold
NASB Translation
lofty stronghold (1), refuge (1), stronghold (14), unassailable (1).

I. מִשְׂגַּב noun [masculine AlbrZAW xvi (1896), 60] secure height, retreat; — ׳מ Psalm +; construct מִשְׂגַּב Isaiah 25:12; suffix מִשְׂגַּבִּי Psalm 18:3 +, etc.; —

1. a. = strong-hold, חֹמֹתֶיךָ ׳מִבְצַר מ Isaiah 25:12.

b. figurative of security Isaiah 33:16.

2 figurative of God as refuge Psalm 9:10 (twice in verse), Psalm 18:3 = 2 Samuel 22:3; Psalm 46:8; Psalm 46:12; Psalm 48:4; Psalm 59:10; Psalm 59:17; Psalm 59:18; Psalm 62:3; Psalm 62:7; Psalm 94:22; Psalm 144:2.

II. מִשְׂגָּב Perhaps proper name, of a location in Moab; — ׳הַמּ Jeremiah 48:1 (see SchwZAW viii (1888), 196 Albrl.c.), Αμαθ; Gf thinks appell. of Kir Moab (see II. קִיר); most below I. ׳מ 1.


From sagab; properly, a cliff (or other lofty or inaccessible place); abstractly, altitude; figuratively, a refuge -- defence, high fort (tower), refuge, Misgab, a place in Moab -- Misgab.

see HEBREW sagab

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